Sunset in London

With summer quickly coming to an end and a pending trip to the USA in a few weeks, I was keen to get down to London again and had the chance to spend a night down there earlier this week so took my camera along for the ride.

It’s great to see the city getting back to some sort of normality. On my last few trips down it was very noticeable just how quiet it was but thankfully, the tourists and city workers seem to be returning, and a lovely summer evening meant everywhere was particularly busy.

I headed along the South Bank to the Golden Jubilee bridge as I wanted to get a shot of the London Eye and river using a long exposure to get some movement in the clouds and to blur the water. I used a 10 stop ND filter to get a 2-minute exposure which came out quite well and as the London Eye didn’t seem to be moving at the time, it stayed sharp rather than blurring which I quite like.

The sunset seemed to come and go really quickly so I only had a few minutes to get the shot. The bridge wasn’t too busy thankfully as I was worried that there may be some vibration which could affect the image but as it turned out, this wasn’t an issue.

I have edited this image just to add a little bit of colour saturation and remove a couple of cranes in the background but otherwise this is pretty much as it looked on the evening….

waterloo sunset on the river thames

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