The View From The Shard

One of the places I have been trying to schedule a trip to for a while is The View from The Shard. Located on the south side of London Bridge, the observation floors of The Shard offer some spectacular views across London, and on a recent visit I managed to make time to go for sunset.

At the time of my visit, tickets were £28 which is a bit pricey, but for a 1st time visit, was totally worth it for the stunning views. The View is on floors 69 – 72 and getting up there was a quick and easy process once through the security checks, there is a fast express lift that takes you up to the first level which is fully enclosed. Floor 72 is more open, but is surrounded by glass, unlike places such as the Top of The Rock which is more open to the elements.

I went up just before sunset and was able to watch as the city changed from day to night, and all the lights started to come on.

The biggest problems for photography are 1. No tripods. This is a pain as the low light called for longer shutter speeds so to combat this, a bit of improvisation is needed such as using a backpack or jumper on the floor to act as a bit of a cushion and give a stable surface. The 2nd problem is that the whole deck is surrounded with floor to ceiling glass windows which means unwanted reflections, so a dark cloth is not a bad idea to wrap around the lens and getting as close to the glass as possible to block out the unwanted extra light coming from inside the building.

Those problems aside, the views are simply incredible. It is a full 360-degree view with many landmarks to see, including Tower Bridge, St Paul’s cathedral and the Gherkin. A bit further out you can see Westminster, the London eye and the BT tower, and to the east, the tall buildings at Canary Wharf.

I really enjoyed my time at The View and would highly recommend if on a visit to London. Here are some of my favourite pics from my visit….

view from the shard
view from the shard
view from the shard
view from the shard
view from the shard

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