Exploring Stockholm’s Tunnelbana

I remember seeing an article online months ago about the subway system in Stockholm, Sweden and some of the amazing stations carved into the rock. We planned a mini break over the summer and I got the chance to visit quite a few of these stations which are truly awe inspiring.

The Tunnelbana (metro) is made up primarily of three lines, and from what I saw, the blue line seems to have the most interesting stations, many of which are cavernous spaces built into the rock, and have some very colourful themes.

The strange thing I noticed during my time there was just how quiet it was down there, until the next train came through, which was perfect for taking photos without people getting in the shot. You are also able to set up and use a tripod for some long exposure shots unlike in London for example where this would be simply impossible.

I first went to see a few stations on the red line – Universitetet and Stadion in particular have some great features, such as the vibrant rainbow arch at Stadion, and the uniquely designed fire exit signs on the doors at Universitetet.

Stadion Metro Station
Universitetet Metro Station
Universitetet Metro Station

On the blue line, I got to see what I think is my personal favourite station at Radhuset, with the huge stone column and fiery orange coloured walls.

It amazes me to think about the work that must have gone into building these stations…. I mean, where do you even start?

Radhuset Metro Station
Radhuset Metro Station

Other stops of note include Solna Centrum, with its “hell like” red and black colour scheme, Huvudsta, with its symmetrical patterns on the platform, and also another favourite of mine – Tekniska, with the vibrant blue accents on the grey rock and the huge sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the platform crossover passage.

Solna Centrum Metro Station
Tekniska Metro Station
Huvudsta Metro Station

Of course, all lines lead to T-Centralen which is the main station in Stockholm, and is itself packed with interesting details.

Stockholm is an expensive city to visit, and in the heat of the summer, it was nice to get into the cool caves under the city, and see these amazing creations without blowing the bank.

T-Centralen Metro Station

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