1 Hour in London

I managed to grab literally an hour on a recent trip to London to get some night shots around Tower Bridge and City Hall.

We started off at Nandos for a refuel and then had a quick walk down to Southwark Bridge where I shot this pic with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background. It was a very spur of the moment shot and I didn’t have my tripod so just used a wall to rest my camera on for this shot.

The bridge looks very vibrant with the blue and purple lighting and makes it stand out from the rest of the background, and the warm orange reflections of the street lights on the water contrast the cooler colours of the bridge.

southwark bridge at night

A little later, after collecting my tripod from our hotel, I set off to go and get some shots of Tower Bridge.

I got to City Hall and there was hardly anyone around which was good for my photos at least 🙂 I took a few bracketed shots from various angles of the rather unusual building, with Tower Bridge in the background.

I like how there is a mix of old and new all in one picture. The modern glass building of City Hall and the old architecture of Tower Bridge and The Tower of London which can also be seen in the first picture.

tower bridge at night
tower bridge and city hall at night

After that, I decided to walk down to Tower Bridge and get some up close shots on the bridge with the traffic passing through, in the hope of getting some light trails. Again, for 19:30 on a weekday evening, I was surprised at the lack of people knocking about. Luckily there was, as always plenty of traffic on the roads, so managed to get some great light trails – this is probably my favourite pic from the session….

traffic light trails on tower bridge

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